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Picture Of The Week

Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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Beaker's Parrot Place
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Wilkeson, WA 98396

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Customer Name: Kathy
I am so glad to have found Beakers. I knew I didn't want to buy from a pet shop and what they do there is so great. You get to visit your baby while it is growing up. They really take good care of them and can tell they love what they do. I got my sweet baby last week and I know when I am ready to add to my family it will be from them again. Anyone in the Wa area should check out Beakers for their feathered family member. Thanks so much for my sweet Loretta.

Breeder Reply:
You are right, Kathy, we love what we do and we are so glad that it shows. Life is too short to not do what you love. You and Loretta are a perfect match. We set our babies up for success in a great relationship and now you have the fun of creating it! We look forward to hand-raising Loretta's future friend, when you are ready. God bless!
Customer Name: Gail
We purchased a friendly, beautiful, wonderful baby grey from Beaker's Parrot Place. They have been extremely supportive and incredibly professional and nice. Their facility is extremely clean and well maintained. Their birds are exceptional. Our little grey is interactive, loving, and in amazing shape. We found Beaker's from their Facebook page (highly recommended), and their parrot place lived up to our high expectations. I highly recommend Beaker's Parrot Place for parrots, toys, etc.

Breeder Reply:
So great to get to know you too, Gail and appreciate Denise's Parrot Place sending you our way. Pepper is a special and sweet TAG and know that she will have a great life with you! Blessings!!!
Customer Name: Bill
Edmonds, Washington
I wanted to buy the best bird from the best organization I could find. My experience with Beaker's was way beyond my expectations. It is rare to find the care and commitment they demonstrate toward first their little charges but also their customers. I would highly recommend Beaker's to anyone serious about owning a parrot. Their online store is top notch also. I was sent home with a very thorough information packet that was thoughtfully put together to help me care for my parrot properly.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Bill - it was our pleasure working with you. One of our goals is to set parrot and owner up for success - and education is an important part; and all the toys and accessories too. Please keep in touch with us through our fb community at https://www.facebook.com/BeakersParrotPlace
Customer Name: Holly
Ruffles, our cag, is lovely, and well cared for. The thing about Beaker's that is the best is, they actually care. Even after the bird is sold. I would buy for them again in a heartbeat! Care makes all the difference! We LOVE Beaker's!!!

Breeder Reply:
Hey Holly - thanks for your kind words... We tell folks when they leave with their babies that our relationship does not end unless the customer chooses... We are there for you with any post-sale support you need... Take care.
Customer Name: Ella
Tacoma, Washington
I discovered Beaker's Parrot Place by pure chance, and I am most grateful that I did! Upon commencing my search for the companionship of an African Grey Parrot, I wanted to know that I would be receiving not only a healthy, hand-raised baby, but a NURTURED, LOVED, and simply EXCEPTIONAL baby. My young Mischief (a Congo African Grey) is all of these things and much more! Beaker's will always offer a superlative, congenial, and ever-obliging experience when it comes to finding your new bird!

Breeder Reply:
We are the ones who should be thanking you! You, your sis (Monet) and mom are EXCEPTIONAL people and it's been our joy and pleasure to get to know you while hand-raising sweet Mischief. Come and visit often!
Customer Name: Kimber
, WA
We just recently got our wonderful female Turquoise GCC (we named Newt) from Beaker's and she is a great addition to our family. They are very dedicated and caring people. I completely recommend you visit them, it's well worth the drive!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks for the kind words Kimber. Lil' Newt is a lucky fid - a great new family and a soon-to-be best friend GCC, Ripley! Take care.
Customer Name: Mary Ann
Olympia , WA
We had a wonderful buying experience with Beaker's Parrot Place. They genuinely care about their birds and it was obvious when we visited their home. We felt at ease knowing that communication was always present via calls or email. They also have a store set up with complete supplies which was convenient for us. They are extremely knowledgeable about parrots and answered all our questions. I highly recommend Beaker's Parrot Place! Our Senegal parrot is an awesome addition to our family.

Breeder Reply:
Little Mochi.... what a SWEET birdie he is. We just know that your daughter, Maia and Mochi will best friends in no time! Let's stay connected via our Beaker's Parrot Place facebook site.
Customer Name: Tanya
Rock Island, washington
love this place

Breeder Reply:
What a JOY for us to get the pleasuring of working with you. Otto is amazing and I trust he will always be a cuddler!!!! Have fun.
Customer Name: Mike
Beaker's did a wonderful job raising our baby CAG! We are so happy with Zoey and how well she is behaved! The owners also have great communication and are more than willing to answer any questions you have! I recommend them very highly to anyone that is thinking of getting a parrot! I'm sure glad we chose them1
Customer Name: Marlene
Yelm, Washington
They are the best ! Very happy with our Panama Amazon .