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Picture Of The Week

Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Parrotville Bird Shop
825 Pearl Road (View Map)
Brunswick, OH 44212

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Customer Name: Melanie
East Flat Rock, North Carolina
I could not imagine a better experience! Pat has her bird's best interest in mind at every step in the process of finding forever homes. She has genuine interest in finding the right home not just making a sale. My beautiful conures came to me via air shipment with plenty food and were happy and safe. I'm very thankful for Pat and the above-and-beyond customer service. I would recommend her and her store to anyone!

Breeder Reply:
Thank You so much..I knew I would know when the right person inquired about the Duo! You seemed so sincere and had owned Conures previously...I knew you and your family were right for these two....You also let me know they arrived safely and even sent photos of them w/you and your daughter....I know they will be loved!!
Customer Name: Christina
cincinnati, ohio
Great service and wonderful healthy beautiful birds. It was well worth our 3 hour trip to get our little green cheek baby. It I ever decide to get another bird this is the place I'd go.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you so much Christina !! You wsrea plasure to work with..So glad "Reno" is fitting into your family so nicely..
Customer Name: Diana
Strongsville, OH
Pat & Tony are great! They were extremely helpful with advice for our umbrella cockatoo with everything from her care to advice on building her play gym. Thanks again!!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Diana...You guys are awesome parents!!!
Customer Name: Michelle
Avella, PA
The owners/ breeders very knowledgeable. The store is spotless. Pat is available after our purchase to answer any questions. They also will ship our food incase I can't find it where we live. Pat worked with our bird extensively before picking him up.

Breeder Reply:
I appreciate the nice comments....Thank You! I love the little Caiques...I think they are the perfect pet in size and temperment....So much fun....It is like they "love life"....You will be excellent bird "Parents" !!
Customer Name: Karen
Brunswick, Ohio
Parrotville is amazing! I purchased a Hahn’s Maccaw and love her! She is so sweet, happy, and healthy. You can tell that Parrotville cares about their birds very much. Pat was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. She even helped me find the right cage, food, and accessories I needed for my new baby. Plus they feed their birds nutritious pellets and fresh veggies. My bird will try any new fresh fruit/veggie I give her. I am so happy with the experience I had at Parrotville and wi

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Karen!! Little Hanna is a wonderful bird...I think that she is that way also because you came and bonded with her..She would look forward to your visits and cry out when she saw you...So Sweet!!!
Customer Name: Holly
Medina , Ohio
ParrotVille is a awesome place! Pat and tony They are wonderful with the birds and they take very good care of them. I have now got two birds from them and never had any issues with them. they breed beautiful birds I am so glad I do business with them. :)

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Holly....You have given the birds that you purchased from me a wonderful home...Lots of love and kindness !!
Customer Name: michael
waterford, ny
all I can say is wow! The blue crown conure I got from Pat is absolutely amazing!!! They do such a great job with they're birds. He is only 5 months old and is beginning to talk! you can say a few words and phrases, like hi, what you doing,that's a good boy, I love you,bye bye. Well I guess that's more than a few words haha.the bird arrive healthy and you could tell he was very well cared for.he's big and beautiful. Can't say enough about them don't hesitate you will appreciate!!!

Breeder Reply:
Thank you so much Michael! I love my babies and really get excited to see them so loved at their new home....Blue Crowns are one of my favorite conures!! They are so smart....Of course we only sell smart birds! LOL Thank you again...
Customer Name: Marie
Hinckley, Ohio
We have been purchasing birds from this Bird Shop for years. Their birds are so healthy and well taken care. I would not even consider purchasing from another shop. The bird seed is very fresh and healthy for your birds. Well worth the trip. How fortunate that I live so close. Thank you for all your years of love from the beautiful birds I have purchased from you!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Marie, your latest addtion "Angelo" the Parrotlet is adorable and so happy that you all love him..And US !!!
Customer Name: Jeff
Pat & Tony are extremely knowledgeable. The love and care they provide to each of their baby birds is evident and has directly translated into a loving addition to our family.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much for the nice comments....Your family is wonderful to work with...
Customer Name: Brandon
Aliso Viejo, California
Pat was very, very nice to deal with, and cares very much about her birds. She was very thorough and helpful throughout the delivery process of my lovebird. The lovebird arrived without any injuries and Pat even left me an extra bag of bird feed just to help out. She responded to my e-mails quickly and offered very helpful advice as this is my first bird. I am very happy with my lovebird, she is so very sweet and couldn't be happier with any other bird. Thanks so much Pat.

Breeder Reply:
Gracie is a gem...I am happy for both of you that you picked her to be your new "Lovie".
Customer Name: Bev & Doy
Avon Lake, Ohio
I want to send out a huge thank-you to Pat & Tony, Avian Specialists with ParrotVille for our most special & beautiful Yellow & Gold Macaw...Bella Blu. The amount of pride, care & quality that we received was truly amazing! We are very proud of information that we received from beginning to end-from the 2 of them. Pat & Tony/ParrotVille are 1 of a kind. We want the world to know that ParrotVille is the Best & number ONE in the USA...perfect that is. We highly recommend their bird shop!!!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Doy & Bev!! You are special people that truly love your birds with all your hearts !! I can see in the time you spend cooking up new things for your birds! And I could see on your faces how much you love them...Thank you for giving Bella Blu such a wonderful home..
Customer Name: DeAnn
Bismarck , ND
We purchased our Greenwing, Jewel, from Pat and couldn't be more pleased. The entire process was a breeze, she kept us well informed and we recieved a healthy, well adjusted baby. Will definitely do business with them again

Breeder Reply:
Both Jewel & Lucy Lui were such wonderful babies....I adore Green Wings...Such gentle giants!!! I am sure she is very happy with you and your family!!
Customer Name: Kim
Pat is wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her birds. She is also very honest in placing a bird for the right fit for a family. Would absolutely recommend her and do business again.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Kim..I am glad that you are happy with Tango....He is a doll!
Customer Name: jamie
We got our Congo African Grey, Holly, from Pat, and she is probably the tamest, sweetest bird we've ever owned! Not a picky eater at all, loves people, we can see Pat put a lot of effort into making she's comfortable! Thank you so much! we love her!

Breeder Reply:
Thank you so much Jamie!! I appreciate the comments!!! Give Holly a kiss for me!
Customer Name: Jessie
Cleveland, OH
We purchased a 10-week-old baby indian ringneck from Pat and Tony recently, and were very impressed with the care that Pat gives to teaching us and caring for her birds as if they were her own. :) She is very astute in details and knowledgeable about birds! She feeds her birds/weans them onto organic pellets and healthy veggies/fruits! My fiance and I are very happy and feel lucky we chose Parrotville. Thanks pat! :) - Guo Guo says hi!!!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments... You and your fiance are perfect parents for Guo Guo !!!