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Picture Of The Week

Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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Feathered Companions
111 Baptist Street (View Map)
Salisbury, MD 21801

Ratings based on a total of 6 reviews

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Customer Name: Sally
Not sure why there is a low rating at the bottom, I have nothing, but great things to say about Maranda and her birds! I walked into their store location and was helped by her and Katy to find my new feathered friend! Thanks to them, I have a lovely new conure who is my whole world! Won't hesitate to call or visit them again for all of my needs.
Customer Name: Amanda
Salisbury, MD
I bought a wonderful Amazon from Maranda & Feathered Companions Aviary. I've never seen a cleaner facility and they had over 15 birds out flying around. They are honest about the personality of their birds (even if they aren't nice) and do their best to match you to the best bird. Will never to business again. Also have a huge selection of toys, food, etc. They are all so kind and I'm so impressed. Don't go anywhere else. You are getting a top quality bird from here!
Customer Name: Jessica
Fredericksburg, Va
I searched for months for a Meyers Parrot and kept coming up short Thank goodness that I'm persistent, my search brought me to Feathered Companions. I drove almost 3 hours to get him and it was beyond worth it!! As a vet's assistant for over 14 years I am pretty knowledgeable of animals. The love that is put into these birds touched me. This is not just a "pet store" this is a place with heart. I love the fact that their children are involved. I highly recommend Feathered Companions.
Customer Name: Keaka
Ellicott City, Maryland
I have been in contact with Maranda for almost a year. She helped find the right bird for me, was very informative, answered all and every silly question I had, and made sure I didn't make any rash decisions. She is very professional and she and her family raise very loving and sociable companions. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again or refer everyone I know to her. She's a hardworking lady who cares about her babies and customers. Thank you, Maranda for everything that you do!
Customer Name: Michelle
Seaford, DE
This is a amazing breeder! Don't let anybody say different. Never seen somebody so honest about their birds. Maranda will 100% tell you the birds likes and dislikes and isn't afraid to tell you she doesn't think the bird will work with your family. She definitely isn't about getting a sale but finding wonderful loving homes for her babies. Even when she has been insanely busy lately (opening 2 stores, child got sick, moving, etc) she made time for me! And she gets 100+ emails everyday! Amazing!
Customer Name: Deanna
Chocowinity, NC
This is a copy of the email I received when trying to make this transaction you are speaking about. Maranda Setland To Me Mar 6 My cell is 443-359-1222 but I'm a little busy right now to talk on the phone. I should be more available tomorrow. Sorry we have a lot going on here. I had people with cash money wanting these birds and y'all were to busy for a call. I needed to move the birds due to my cancer becoming worst. After having a lung taken out & chemo my birds had to go.

Breeder Reply:
I am extremely confused on why I am getting a poor review from you. I sent two emails just asking if the birds were still available and then decided that they had been sold. I have not said anything negative or mean to you. I understood that I probably just missed my opportunity. Extremely confused about this poor review. Since I did try to contact you again multiple times. Wishing you the best and that hopefully soon you start to feel better. I also stated that I would pay you in cash and could set up a delivery whenever you wanted. I am sorry that at that exact moment I couldn't talk on the phone. I did give you other options and was more than willing to communicate through email or maybe if you explained what was going on (with another buyer) I could of better understood the rush. Personally when I have one person state "yes I want the birds" I do would never go and sell them behind their back. But still I just accepted that you weren't a aviary I needed to do business with and said nothing harsh or cruel to you.