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Picture Of The Week

Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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Debbie's Birdhouse
32 East Harrison Street Tunkhannock, PA 18657

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Customer Name: Anni
Tunkhannock , Pennsylvania
Will never do business with any other bird breeder. Beautiful healthy loving birds.I've bought 6 cockatiels.And have never had any problems! Debbie is very friendly honest knowledgeable and goes out of her way to please her customers! And is So helpful answering any questions you may have. Very pleased and can't wait to get more birds from Debbie!

Breeder Reply:
Thank you so much!! I can tell how much your babies mean to you!!! :-)
Customer Name: kristin
A few years I got a beautiful green cheek conure from debbie. When I got him he was loving, had a great personality, and healthy. He is still doing very well to this day. Debbie is great with all her birds, whether they are breeders, personal pets or hatchlings.. her birds are her top priority!!

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Kristen!!! <3
Customer Name: Debbie
Tunkhannock, PA
Due to not being able to reply to the horrible rating written below, I emailed a rating request to myself to make sure everyone gets my side of what happened.. Our agreement, which I have a copy of in my text messages,was...$400 for two birds including shipping and carrier.. both birds were sold to Mr.Cole at a much lower amount then what they were actually worth,and advertised at, due to being recently weaned and wanting to get them in their new forever home as soon as possible.I tried to sh

Breeder Reply:
Our agreement,was...$400 for two birds including shipping and carrier.. both birds were sold to Mr.Cole at a much lower amount then what they were actually worth,and advertised at.I tried to ship on Monday 12/9/13, but couldn't due to bad weather, I advised him of this, I would get them out the next day I had free, he had no problem.I texted him on, Tuesday, I explained due to myself not feeling well, having a Dr's appt., and more approaching bad weather,I rescheduled the flight for Monday 12/16/13, he texted me back wanting a full refund? I told him I would give him a partial refund, I held the birds for him, and could have sold them at least twice.He filed a grevience with Paypal,it was satisfied, just by giving them the reference number confirming the flight.(Keep in mind, I have copies of all texts and emails) When I originally called to book the flight,I found out they didn't have a flight going out of my local airport, the next closest airport to me is 4 hours round trip, I didn't add any extra cost, I ate the extra cost.I take pride in what I do, and I love my birds,I would never intentionally put them in harms way, I don't lie or make excuses, most tell me I'm to honest.