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Picture Of The Week

Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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Easy Sprouting
Hand Feeding
Feeding & Housing Older Babies
Birdie Brains Aviary
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North Chesterfield, VA 23235

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Customer Name: Cara
Gainesville, Virginia
Adopted a sun conure from Christy at Birdie Brains Aviary. He is an extremely sweet and happy bird. It was a great experience!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Cara - and I can see from his photos that you are definitely keeping him happy too! Christy
Customer Name: Pat
Front Royal, Va
The experience was awesome. As first time bird owners Christy took the time to help us find the perfect bird for us and educate us on the care of our bird. Even after we got our bird home she has always been there to answer any questions we may have. We were so please with the care she takes of her birds and the willingness to be there for her clients that we decided to go back and get a second bird. We couldn't be happier the we found Christy to help us find the perfect additions to our family.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Pat and April! Your willingness to learn and work with the babies made the difference from just pets, to family members! Christy
Customer Name: Suzanne
Wayne, IL
Christie truly cares about every bird she breeds. She was super easy to reach, very prepared, extremely organized, and an excellent communicator throughout the entire process. She made buying a bird from out of state a very comfortable experience.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Suzanne! Cooper will be a wonderful companion for life, and I'm so happy that my family is now part of yours! Christy
Customer Name: David
Petersburg, Va
Wonderful experience! Top Notch Operation!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks David! And you would know since you've got a couple of our babies and often show up to volunteer your time with the babies! Thank you so much!!
Customer Name: Jean
Great breeder and easy to work with. Love that she raised the birds in a "normal" home environment so they settle so quickly in the new setting

Breeder Reply:
And thank you, for adding another baby to your flock from our flock! Christy
Customer Name: valerie
portsmouth, Virginia
Awesome babies, Christy is a wonderful person who cares about the baby birds she is selling and the did parent to be. I always tell people of her website to check out when I am in local pet supplies and their looking at parrots. Love the fact you can get bird toys at such great prices.

Breeder Reply:
Aha! You're the one that a lady mentioned to me who told her to come to the aviary to see the babies. Mystery solved, and thanks for the good word of mouth!!! Christy
Customer Name: Shawn
Newport News, VA
These are the friendliest bird babies that I have seen here in Virginia. I have visited Birdie Brains Aviary many times before and after I had purchased my Greenwing Macaw. Christy is very friendly and will help with any questions you may have when It comes to many different birds. I am one of those an annoying people who has 1000 questions and never does she let me know that I am difficult, annoying or an inconvenience. Christy’s always had the same great customer service with me since the ve

Breeder Reply:
High praise Shawn, Thank you so much! Yes, you do ask a lot of questions, but they have all been good, pertinent ones!! Christy
Customer Name: Joy
We would recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a bird. Christy's place is clean and the birds are very social. She is very knowledgable and is very willing to share that knowledge with you. We felt that Christy truly loved every little bird in her care and wanted the best for each.

Breeder Reply:
As long as it is fun to do a job you love it, and it usually shows! Thanks for observing how much I love my job! Christy
Customer Name: Carl
Silver Spring, MD
Can't say enough good things about this breeder.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Carl, I'm proud to have you own one of our babies! Christy
Customer Name: Paula
Fishersville, VA
Not only a breeder but an animal lover, Birdie Brains Aviary was a wonderful expience. We now have a beautiful male umbrella cockatoo that was raised to accept other birds and animals with a great personality and very loving. Birdie brains is always there to answer questions with help after you bring your baby home. Would highly recommend them to everyone looking for a feathered companion.

Breeder Reply:
The best part of finding great homes for my babies, is becoming good friends with my new owners! Thank you for choosing me! Christy
Customer Name: Anne
Chantilly, VA
Birdie Brains Aviary was wonderful. If we consider and future birds to add to our family this is the only breeder I will consider. Wonderful birds, clean, and helpful to no end. Answers all of our questions and goes above and beyond just being a seller. Christy and her staff are amazing.

Breeder Reply:
It was a joy to work with you and your dad. - keep sending the Angel updates, I love seeing them!
Customer Name: Sam
Christies birds are amazing, I have had a wonderful experience

Breeder Reply:
Thank you, Shasta will be your best friend for life!! Christy