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Birdiemovers Aviary

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We are currently have a few select mutation Quakers in our closed aviary that we will breed until we retire in 2017 -18. Deposits are required to hold an unweaned baby and are non-refundable. Weaned babies left longer than a week, are subject to either a $25/wk boarding fee, or the baby may be re-posted for sale if communication with seller has ceased. Contact:

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Kris Vanderlinden


Columbus, OH 43110


  • Rose Breasted Cockatoo


  • Lady Gouldian Finch
  • Parrot Finch
  • Shaft Tail Finch
  • Society Finch
  • Waxbill Finch


  • Brown Headed Poicephalus

Quaker Parrots

  • Quaker Parrot
This is a baby female Blue and Gold Macaw that an African Grey customer of ours asked us to feed for him. Big, beautiful baby!
Typical baby from our African Grey Congos - large, beautiful, very sweet, and healthy.
Like our Greys, we try to handle the Poicephalus babies so they have no fear of what we are doing with, or to, them.
Unless they are raised alone, our babies are familiar with other birds, the dog, kids ... and the vacuum too!
Typical weaned baby Congo from Birdiemovers
Our Timneh Grey babies are also from good-sized parents, and turn out to be gorgeous birds.
We try to build enough trust in our babies, so no matter what we do, they allow it.
Our Senegal babies are from larger parents, and have sweet personalities.
Our Meyers Parrots are from a large sub-species of Meyers that have a beautiful bluish colored belly, and yellow shoulder & head patches. Super-sweet personalities!
Even our female Red Bellies have beautiful coloring . Most babies are talking about a month after weaning.
This is a baby from our first breeding of the Brown Headed (Emerald) Parrots. They are a little smaller than our Senegals, but have a very intense green back with yellow under-wings and lime-green tail uppers. Similar to a Senegal, but with a green belly and altermnately black and green striped wings. The sweetest birds, by nature, that we have ever had!
Some Congo babies will have red coloring in their feathers. Some of this color will stay, but most of it will go with the first molt.
Of course I kept this guy! He is a day one fed - as are most of the Red Bellies, but he had "egg issues" and I didn't think he would make it. I'm so glad he did. What a beautiful baby boy!