African Grey Congo Parrots for Sale in North Carolina

African Grey Congo Parrot

T&M Congo African Greys, NC We Ship

Beautiful Congo African Grey handfed and fully weaned at 12-16 weeks old . Raised inside our home in a loving and calm environment. We harness train s...

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African Grey Congo Parrot


African Congo Grey, babies will be available in August. We ship on Delta Airlines to most cities in the US including Alaska.m DISCOUNT $100 IF PAID I...

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African Grey Congo Parrot

The Fussy Parrot , NC We Ship

1 Male and 1 Female : Sweet little Congo Grey babies are being handfed at this time. When weaned they will be on a diet of RoudyBush Pellets, Fruits...

$1,500.00 Each Quick View
Common Names

African Grey Congo Parrot

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