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Breeder Feathered Friends & Co.
Tenmile, OR, US
Bird ID 89015
Price $175.00 Each
Total Available 5
Sex M
Age Adult
Posted 8/24/2014
Hatched 8/24/2014
Ready 8/24/2014

Will trade for females or buy females. Have five extra Normal Green Cheek Conure split to Blue. These are breeders as they are not tame. Have certificates for them all. Please call 541-679-6500 or e-mail for more information.

Shipping weather permitted at buyer's expense.
Seller guarantees health of their chicks for two weeks from the time you receive the chick. Suggest that buyer takes your chick to your vet within 72 hours of receiving to check for any life threatening, permanent or congenial disease. Buyer is responsible for all vet expense for check up.

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Feathered Friends & Co.

Tenmile, OR