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Breeder The Fussy Parrot
Pleasant Garden, NC, US
home 336 907-7810 / cell 336 279-0356
Bird ID 88866
Price $850.00 Each
Total Available 1
Age Born
Posted 8/19/2014
Hatched 7/29/2014
Ready 12/20/2014

We will have our birds eating pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a good quality seed mix for large birds. Blue & Golds are great birds and usually make excellent pets.

We do ship via Delta Airlines, weather permitting, at buyers expense. We have never had a major problem shipping, other than the airline being a little late. It doesn't seem to bother the birds, they are in a climate controlled area and are fed and offer water before they get on the flight and their is also food and water in their crates. Once a bird is booked and on a flight we accept no risk.
We do guarantee our birds to be healthy at time of purchase. Once they leave our property there is no warranty or no returns on birds.

The Fussy Parrot

Pleasant Garden, NC