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Breeder Thea's Parrot Place
Fallbrook, CA, US
Bird ID 87687
Price $550.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex M
Age Weaned
Posted 7/21/2014
Hatched 9/15/2014
Ready 11/15/2014

This is a 6 month old DNA tested male--he has not been handled a lot --not nippy but runs from your hand---he is very playful--talks a lot, and wants you...if you were to work with him---he would tame down more and step-up. Or he would make a good breeder??? But he is definitely young enough and sweet enough to turn around with some patience and dedication! He's a cutie and beautiful and eats everything! He definitely is interested in you when you talk to him--very curious--very friendly. THEA'S PARROT PLACE THEA'S PARROT PLACE Provider, Nurturer and Social Developer of Companion Parrots. We are located in North County San Diego, Ca. I concentrate on hand-raising the finest unique infant birds in a loving and anxiety free environment - in my home for your home. I have a certified breeder network that is the finest in the nation!

I ship nation wide
You are guaranteed a healthy bird. I provide 24 hour support. Your baby will be protected with a one year warranty. You will receive paper work with your bird with a signed warranty. My birds are the best! Beautiful, handled and tame, and most of all healthy. You will get a friend for life and a great pet .

Thea's Parrot Place

Fallbrook, CA