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Breeder Big Birds Aviary
Warner Robins, GA, US
Bird ID 86837
Price $450.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex M
Age Born
Posted 6/25/2014
Hatched 4/21/2014
Ready 8/8/2014

Sold. I expect my pair to go to nest soon Senegals are great little parrots that will gain a good vocabulary, and aren't as demanding as many other species of parrot. They are the least likely of all parrots to be rehomed due to bad behaviors.

Shipping WE SHIP TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY...THE COST OF SHIPPING VARIES DEPENDING ON WHERE THE BIRD IS BEING SHIPPED TO PLUS THE SIZE OF BIRD AFFECTS THE SIZE OF CARRIER NEEDED. THE MINIMAL COSTS ARE around 270 for shipping and why the going rate is at the vet for a health check. ($157 FOR THE FLIGHT $55 COURRIER FEES 3 hr drive to and from airport, whatever the vet is charging for health check to fly AND $65 FOR AN AIRLINE APPROVED CARRIER)

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Big Birds Aviary

Warner Robins, GA