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Breeder The Feather Farm
Napa, CA, US
Bird ID 83955
Price $1,995.00 Each
Total Available 3
Age Born
Posted 3/11/2014
Hatched 5/1/2015
Ready 8/1/2015

breeder for over 30 years specializing in handfed / handraised congo, timneh and cameroon african greys. All our babies come to you with free complete disease testing and DNA testing. Call or Email us to reserve a baby today Email at or call-707-255-8833 10/07/17 UPDATE - one baby handfeeding now. please contact to be put on our want list and we will call you as soon as they are available for deposit *************************NO SHIPPING on baby birds or birds under $1000.00***************************

no shipping on babies or orders less than $1000.00

The Feather Farm

Napa, CA