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Breeder The Feather Farm
Napa, CA, US
Bird ID 83955
Price $1,995.00 Each
Total Available 1
Age Born
Posted 3/11/2014
Hatched 5/1/2015
Ready 8/1/2015

breeder for over 30 years specializing in handfed / handraised congo, timneh and cameroon african greys. All our babies come to you with free complete disease testing and DNA testing. Call or Email us to reserve a baby today Email at or call-707-255-8833 11/25/17 UPDATE - one baby Timneh weaning now. please contact to be put on our want list for upcoming breeding season and we will call you as soon as they are available for deposit. *************************NO SHIPPING on baby birds or birds under $1000.00***************************

no shipping on babies or orders less than $1000.00

The Feather Farm

Napa, CA