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Breeder The Feather Farm
Napa, CA, US
Bird ID 82297
Price $89.95 Each
Total Available 5
Age Weaned
Posted 12/13/2013
Hatched 12/10/2014
Ready 2/9/2015

we have last years babies, 2 male pieds and a female pied cinnamons, 129.95 they are freindly but flighty . we also have a breeder avairy cockatiel for 30.00. Not tame an non DNA tested but believed male 6/4/2015- we have hand fed babies ready for new homes for 179.95 3 months old (hatch 03/2015) we have a female cinnamon pearl and 3 male pieds with pearling in very soft colors.. *NO SHIPPING on baby birds or birds under $1000.00*

no shipping on babies or orders less than $1000.00

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The Feather Farm

Napa, CA