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Breeder Wonderful Wings Aviary
Valley Center, CA, US
Bird ID 158783
Price $800.00 Each
Total Available 4
Age Adult
Posted 2/20/2018

I have 6 adult Caiques I'm looking to sell. Breeders are $600 each, pets are $800. Let me know if you're interested. One male Black Headed-breeder only. One female Black Headed- breeder only, One male WB pet, 0ne female BH pet. Email or call 760-742-1626 for more info. One pair can be shipped together, all the rest separate shipping required. Shipping by United Airlines PetSafe. $130 per pet carrier.

I will ship to the lower 48 at buyers expense via United Airlines. Cost is $135.00 for all but the largest birds. Golden Conures and Derbyan Parakeets require larger carriers, especially if more than one is ordered.

Wonderful Wings Aviary

Valley Center, CA