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Breeder Friendly Bird Aviary
Orlando, FL, US
Bird ID 154742
Price $300.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex F
Age Weaned
Posted 1/2/2018
Ready 1/12/2018

Super sweet pets, guaranteed friendly, Blue Turquoise Parrotelts babies now weaning! One male and one female still available. Contact for more info. More baby Parrotlets just pulled out of the nest for hand feeding. Colors and sexes not identified yet. For more info visit Friendly Bird Aviary on Facebook or web or read the many 5 stars ratings on this site or contact us through e-mail or phone! Will ship only with United or Delta airlines.

We ship everywhere in the USA through Delta or Continental airlines. Shipping is around $86-$165. Shipping container is $35 but free for orders over $500.

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Friendly Bird Aviary

Orlando, FL