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Breeder H Luis
Miami, FL, US
239 200 5090
Bird ID 153152
Price $375.00 Each
Total Available 7
Age Weaned
Posted 12/19/2017

New - TWO - 2 MONTH OLD WEANED and unweaned Sun Conures. - Ready To GO To Their New Home...! Several havevsold at a very LOW price of $375 - please search and compare our price!!!. But also remember that ours are DNA for sex, Banded, VERY TAME, Socialized (handled by more than one person) and HEALTH GUARANTEED. AGAIN ONLY —- $375 Each, Please Read Our 36+ Recent Excellent Buyer Reviews at Our service and Birds are second to none!!!. We accept payment via the most popular of payment methods Bank Wire Transfer. Other payment methods are available upon mutual agreement. We ship anywhere in the US for only $125 plus a free shipping box valued at $40. We ship only Mondays thru Thursday. We do not ship Friday to Sunday due to Friday thru Sunday being very hectic and busy which is not good for the baby’s well being. Please we prefer u text or call Humberto at: 239 200 5090. Pray for a happy New Year. Miami / FL. Thank u so much! God Bless All Humberto Luis

We ship any where in the US for only $125. We ship quickly if u so required.

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H Luis

Miami, FL