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Breeder World of Parrots
South Elgin, IL, US
Bird ID 152837
Price $375.00 N/A
Total Available 4
Age Born
Posted 12/13/2017
Ready 4/24/2018

Indian Ringneck Babies - Super sweet, and will step up without hesitation. Great personalities :) 1 Blue, 1 Blue Lacwing, and 3 Green 3 Olive and 3 Gray left. We do ship nationwide at customer's expense via United Airlines $200. Feel free to call us for a faster response ! 847-695-5624 Blue $500 Lacewings $600. We are a family owned business run by Juliette Malinish. We strive to provide the healthiest hand fed/ hand tame baby birds. The birds we raise ourselves are surrounded by a family environment, and are interacted with daily by children, our customers, and other animals in order to help develop their personality, build their trust in a real family situation, and provide their new owners with a wonderful new feathered friend for a lifetime. We are not here just to sell a bird, we are here to educate, answer questions, provide taming and training, and to provide everyone with a lifelong healthy friend! Feel free to check out our website to see what we're about!

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World of Parrots

South Elgin, IL