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Breeder Linville's Aviary
Miami, FL, US
305-968-1536 Sandee or Earl
Bird ID 152697
Price $300.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex M
Age Weaned
Posted 12/11/2017
Hatched 11/12/2017
Ready 1/7/2018

SUN CONURE - DNA Male - recently weaned - $300 - Tame & Sweet - Shipping is $110 - $165 and the shipping container is $35 - Invoice for payment thru Pay Pal. 335

We ship with United Airlines - Pet Safe. The cost is $110 at this time. We can also ship with Delta Airlines which is $170 if for some reason United Airlines does not ship to an airport close to you. The required shipping carrier is $35.
Linville's Aviary guarantees their weaned birds at the time of sale/shipment to be free of any major incurable avian diseases and congenital defects that will affect the life of the bird. Buyer has seven days for the bird to be seen by a certified Avian Vet for diagnosis. Buyer is responsible for any Vet fees or any other expenses that the buyer incurs once the bird is in their possession. We will replace or refund the cost of the bird for any Vet documented major incurable avian diseases or congenital defect that will affect the life of the bird.

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Linville's Aviary

Miami, FL