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Breeder Ara Aviaries California
Agoura Hills Los Angeles, CA, US
805-338-3549 Please Text for fastest responce
Bird ID 152449
Price $700.00 N/A
Total Available 2
Age Born
Posted 12/8/2017
Hatched 11/2/2017
Ready 12/31/2017

Rainbows make awesome pets and are like little monkeys jumping and swinging around. Contrary to what some people say they are the easiest parrots for me to take care of. Also great talkers and extremely beautiful. Text Me 805-338-3549

We ship on United Airlines and prices vary but are currently around 100.00 dollars plus crate.
My warranty is full protection against pre-existing health conditions or problems for six months from time of purchase. This must be determined by a certified avian vet. I will not be held responsible for any vet fees.

Ara Aviaries California

Agoura Hills Los Angeles, CA