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Breeder Noble's Sweet Little Tweets
Ypsilanti , MI, US
Bird ID 151211
Price $300.00 Pair
Total Available 2
Age Born
Posted 11/23/2017
Ready 11/23/2017

Both male and female hatched in early 2016. They just had a clutch of 5 this summer. They produce white, blue and blue pied babies. Great parents! Dad feeds mom and babies and helps with sitting on eggs. This pair is from my flock of babies that were paired togeather as babies. These birds were fed from the Goldenfeast line, China Prairie sprouted seeds, chop, birdy bread, sunburst spray millet and Nutri-Berries. Please contact me for more information. We ship through United Pet safe for $140.

We are shipping out of Detroit Metro Airport witj United Pet Safe. Weather permitting! We do not ship babies less then 9 weeks old for their safety!

Noble's Sweet Little Tweets

Ypsilanti , MI