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Breeder Friendly Bird Aviary
Orlando, FL, US
Bird ID 151162
Price $2,000.00 Pair
Total Available 6
Age Adult
Posted 11/23/2017

Collection of 4 young proven pairs and two young 2017 pairs of Quakers for sale! This collection produces Dark Eye Yellows, Turquoise opalines, blue opaline splits, triple splits green opalines , creams and whites. Four non related bloodlines. Good buy for someone that wants to start producing right away and who wants to enlarge production every year. Birds are in perfect feathering, close banded and DNAed by Avian Biotech. Will sell part of collection or all of it. Price is negotiable. Call 407-381-3520 for more info. Will ship!

We ship everywhere in the USA through Delta or Continental airlines. Shipping is around $86-$165. Shipping container is $35 but free for orders over $500.

Friendly Bird Aviary

Orlando, FL