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Skiatook, OK, US
Bird ID 150333
Price $1,200.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex F
Age Born
Posted 11/13/2017
Hatched 9/25/2017
Ready 2/1/2018

Beautiful Eclectus female baby now handfeeding! Eclectus are not only the most gorgeous parrots in the world, they're great talkers AND they stay gentle when treated well. Some of the larger parrot species turn aggressive when they get hormonal but as a whole, Eclectus stay nice. I can reach into the nest box to remove eggs without fear of losing a finger! They have a loud squawk but it's normally only used when the bird is startled. Most of the time they are quiet. No need to DNA since the color indicates the sex. I can ship, buyer's expense, or local pickup near Tulsa. I can accept PayPal. Will hold until weaned for $400 non-refundable deposit. (Non-refundable to indicate serious buyer and IS refundable of course if I can't deliver for some reason.) Oklahoma residents must also pay sales tax. (I normally charge $125 for shipping expenses but it will be somewhat more for Eclectus since they are bigger and need a larger carrier and the total weight will be more.)

I prefer to ship United out of Tulsa International Airport. United is less expensive than other carriers and takes better care of birds. Right now, shipping through United with a new airlines-approved carrier will run $125, buyer's expense. I have no control over airline charges and sometimes price hikes take me by surprise. So I may not know price for sure until I book.


Skiatook, OK