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Breeder AB-Aviary
Round Rock, TX, US
Bird ID 149647
Price $1,800.00 N/A
Total Available 1
Sex M
Age Weaned
Posted 11/8/2017

This is George. He is a rose breasted cockatoo and is 2/3 years old. Perfect feather, calm demeanor, DNA tested, wings and toe nails clipped. His meals consist of fresh fruits and veggies, minimal seed with no sunflower seeds, and 2 kinds of pellets. George will pretty much let you pet him anywhere while he sits on wood perches or on top of his cage but does not like to perch on hands or arms. We think with a little training he would make a wonderful addition to a family! Please call (512) 589-5228 or email . We can ship for an additional fee. Shipping is $125, provided in quality shipping habitats and done through United Airlines (AUS).

In addition to the special care provided to animals when they travel as baggage or cargo, United's PetSafe® program offers a guaranteed, flight-specific service, based on the time of tender.

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Round Rock, TX