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Breeder In A Pickle Parrots
Broadview Heights, OH, US
440 627 6477
Bird ID 149133
Price $1,250.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex F
Age Born
Posted 11/4/2017
Hatched 8/27/2017
Ready 12/1/2017

Female Soloman Island Eclectus baby. Band #2539. This baby is still hand feeding and we are accepting a deposit to hold until weaned! Call us at (440)627-6477 or inquire by email for more details or to purchase.

Shipping is available through United Airlines for $100 and Delta is available for $185. Airline Approved Carriers (Doskocil Sky Kennels) start at $50 depending on size. United is our first choice, and is used whenever it is an option. No shipping on Canaries, Budgies, Bourkes, Cockatiels, or Lovebirds.
All babies are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. It is suggested that the baby is seen by an avian vet within 72 hours of receipt. The baby is guaranteed against any lifethreatening, permenant, or congenital defect that is diagnosed by the avian vet within the first 72 hours after receipt of your baby. The seller is not responsible for any vet fees or any other expenses that the buyer incurs once the baby is in thier possession. We DO NOT sell unweaned babies!!!

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Broadview Heights, OH