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Breeder Sissy's bird colony LLC
Aylett, VA, US
Bird ID 148910
Price $225.00 Each
Total Available 3
Age Born
Posted 11/2/2017
Hatched 10/1/2017

Whiteface cinnamon pearl pied, whiteface cinnamon pied and a whiteface grey pied are all being hand fed right now. Very sweet birds with some beautiful markings. I haven't ran a DNA yet but the fee for this test has already been added to the price of each bird. You will receive a certificate with the results on it.

Shipping with the USPS is available. I will need your zip code to look up the shipping price. Shipping with Delta is also available. An estimated price with Delta and new carrier is about $200 (bird price not included).

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Sissy's bird colony LLC

Aylett, VA