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Breeder World of Parrots
South Elgin, IL, US
Bird ID 148075
Price $800.00 Each
Total Available 1
Age Born
Posted 10/25/2017

1 sweet and fun baby Mitrid ready and weaned ! Scarlet Macaw sweet, and calm and gorgeous ! She is DNA'd little girl and will be ready to go in a week. She is a Central American which means she has an extra wide yellow band on her back :) click on the link below to see a video of her :) Brick and Mortar family owned shop located In South Elgin, IL 847-695-5625 specializing in hand taming and hand raising exotic parrots ❤️ Price ranges from $350 and up depending on the species and we will work with all budgets as we provide interest free payment plans with half deposit down. We are blessed to have shipped our babies nationwide from California to New York and shipping is through United Airlines $200. Feel free to call us for a faster response 🙂 Baby Blue and Gold 1 left $2000 Baby Central American Scarlet Macaw 1 left $2400 Military Macaw $1400 Sun Conures $450 1 left! Nanday Conure $450 Blue Crown Conures $800 White Belly Caiques $1250 Mitrid Conure $800 Pineapple GCC $375 Blue Front Amazons $600 And more ! ❤️😃 Happy Holidays !

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South Elgin, IL