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Breeder WestBranchAviary
Hendersonville , TN, US
Bird ID 147974
Price $450.00 N/A
Total Available 3
Age Born
Posted 10/24/2017
Hatched 9/1/2017
Ready 11/18/2017

We are taking deposits now to reserve sun conure babies that should be ready some time in November. Perfect Christmas surprises!

Shipping Available ONLY in the US through Delta or United Airlines at buyer’s expense via Nashville International Airport. Shipping charges vary depending on the weather, season, and size of the bird. The prices includes airfare, crate, and insurance running about $150 through Delta ($125 United) plus crate fee ($30).
WestBranchAviary warrants that, at the time of delivery, the birds herein referenced are in good health. The BUYER is encouraged to have the birds examined by a veterinarian of his/her choice within seventy-two (72) hours from the time of delivery to verify the health of the birds.


Hendersonville , TN