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Breeder AB-Aviary
Round Rock, TX, US
Bird ID 147586
Price $500.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex F
Age Weaned
Posted 10/19/2017
Hatched 8/12/2017
Ready 10/19/2017

Hand fed, tame, lovable, beautiful, DNA female baby Crimson Bellied conure. Hand fed and sweet. Would make great companion. Very personable little birds. If you are not familiar with conures as pets, please do your research. Please ask any questions you have before seriously considering getting one of these little gems. They typically live approximately 20 to 30 years. Will ship via United airlines. Shipping and crate is $125

In addition to the special care provided to animals when they travel as baggage or cargo, United's PetSafe® program offers a guaranteed, flight-specific service, based on the time of tender.

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Round Rock, TX