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Breeder Noble's Sweet Little Tweets
Ypsilanti , MI, US
Bird ID 146532
Price $125.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex F
Age Weaned
Posted 10/7/2017
Hatched 8/21/2017
Ready 10/14/2017

This sweet little Green Female Pacific Parrotlet Hatched on 8/21/17. She will be ready for his new family around 10/16/17. We ship through United Pet safe out of Detroit Metro Airport for $140. We fed from tbe Goldenfeast line,and we add Tops pellets, hemp seed for a supplement! Sprouted seeds from China Prairie , Fresh fruits and veggies, pasta and several different kinds of beans. We give Home made birdy bread loaded with fruit, Sunburst Spray millet and all the flavors of the Lafeber Nutri-berries! We use only bottled spring water with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with mother added in! We are a small avairy we only breed Parrotlets! We have a web site that is loaded with parrotlet info! We have a face book page with pictures and videos of our babies! We use full spectrum lighting and 24 hour air purification. Please contact me for more information!

We are shipping out of Detroit Metro Airport witj United Pet Safe. Weather permitting! We do not ship babies less then 9 weeks old for their safety!

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Noble's Sweet Little Tweets

Ypsilanti , MI