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Breeder Brightwood Aviary
Dawsonville, GA, US
770 889-0353
Bird ID 146382
Price $500.00 N/A
Total Available -1
Age Weaned
Posted 10/4/2017
Hatched 4/16/2016
Ready 10/4/2017

FEMALE: This girl is one year old and could be a future breeder or with a little patience become a very nice pet. Perfect in every way. If the buyer is local and it does not work out as expected, I will buy her back. She is beautiful and healthy. call: carmen/ 770. 889-0353. The male in the background is an older breeder and not for sale.

We usually ship with United Airline and generally the shipping fee is $135.00. This covers airfare, crate, and insurance. As the airport is on the other side of Atlanta from our home we avoid commuter days whenever possible.

Brightwood Aviary

Dawsonville, GA