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Breeder Birds2You
Browns Valley, CA, US
Bird ID 146331
Price $600.00 Pair
Total Available 1
Age Adult
Posted 10/4/2017
Hatched 1/15/2017
Ready 10/1/2017

Bonded pair ready to breed. Green marble pied male split blue (possibly split turquoise and fallow) born 12/08/2016 & Heavy White pied marble female split fallow born 1/15/2017. $600 for the pair. I do ship with United Pet Safe for an additional $135 and can ship multiple birds in the same shipment. My shipping days are Saturday and Sunday only.

Shipping days are only on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). United Airlines is $135 (includes carrier). Price can be slightly high if shipping multiple birds that requires a special box.
We give a 72 hour health guarantee. If in that time, any problems occur a vet check from an avian vet is required. We are to be notified immediately if a helath defects are found. If breeder is at fault, purchase price of bird will be refunded. Shipping costs will not be refunded.


Browns Valley, CA