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Breeder Toucan Jungle
Vista, CA, US
Bird ID 145462
Price $2,900.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex F
Age Adult
Posted 9/25/2017
Ready 9/25/2017

SHOW BIRD: "Kraken" Yellow Naped Amazon X Blue Front Captive bred aprox. 10 year old hen , Talks like crazy, Will talk and sing for 20 minutes without stopping sometimes, Vocabulary: Hello Pretty Girl, Hurry Hurry, Good Morning Kraken, How ya doing, Hut Hut , C'mon C'mon Over Here, Ok Ok, Scratch, You Wanna come out one foot one foot, Coochee Coochee Coochee cooo, You Wanna come out Yeaaaaa, Tickle Tickle Tickle, Here Kitty Kitty, Oh Laughs, Cry's , That Hurt ?, Da Da da da Da da Charge, Barks, Telephone conversations, SINGS: Oh what a wonderful feeling, I Left my heart in San Fransisco & Do the Hockie Pokie ( Says LOTS MORE !! ) $2900.00 We are in North San Diego county if you wish to visit her call for appointment. Shipping if needed is included in price ( United Airlines ) picture taken 9/25/17 she loves to get natural sun and loves being misted for shower while doing so.

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Toucan Jungle

Vista, CA