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Breeder Full Nest Aviary
Austin, TX, US
Bird ID 144753
Price $800.00 N/A
Total Available 1
Age Weaned
Posted 9/16/2017
Hatched 5/31/2017

Posting for a friend: Sweet Caique & very special, hatched on 5/31/17 this weaned Caique has a slight handicap. The bird suffered a bit of nestbox abuse before it was pulled. The wing tip was chewed on while it was days old, now you will not need worry about trimming one of the wings, primary flight feather are not there & never will be. It has made the bird very sweet, knows that it has to get a ride from you to get places! Still gets around very good, going to be a great Caique shoulder birdie for a pet & would still make a good breeder in that direction. Comes with a cage if necessary, both $950.00, can be separated. $800.00 for the Caique, $200.00 for cage

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Full Nest Aviary

Austin, TX