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Breeder Brightwood Aviary
Dawsonville, GA, US
770 889-0353
Bird ID 142407
Price $400.00 Each
Total Available 1
Age Weaned
Posted 8/25/2017
Hatched 7/10/2017
Ready 9/9/2017

Two babies Weaned onto pelleted diet of Zupreem Fruit Blend pellets and allowed to discover the fun art of flying... they are ready to go. Larger than the Sun conures, they are noted for both sexes being able to talk. We love these birds and find they are consistent in their sweet personalities and their affections of being handled. . Please no phone calls after 9 pm. carmen /770 889-0353 These babies have not been DNA sexed.

We usually ship with United Airline and generally the shipping fee is $135.00. This covers airfare, crate, and insurance. As the airport is on the other side of Atlanta from our home we avoid commuter days whenever possible.

Brightwood Aviary

Dawsonville, GA