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Breeder H Luis
Miami, FL, US
239 200 5090
Bird ID 141533
Price $500.00 Each
Total Available 7
Age Weaned
Posted 8/10/2017

VERY IMPORTANT!!!. Please read our many recent buyer reviews on our business/ Humberto (breeder - broker) at Call us lets talk on availability, payment plans, prices, DNA’s, Bands, feeding / foods and TAMENESS!!!. We specialize in Tame and Quality All Color baby’s and BREEDER. Quality Quakers / our baby’s are super sweet. Please call or text us so that we can prove it to you. They are NOT just another Quaker Baby’s. Breeder Sell Out: Lutinos are Only $500 Females. / $550 Males (compare only with Quality and Health Guaranteed. Bonded and Proven Pairs are only $975. TAME - TAME - TAME We have very fair and competitive prices and our hard work of hand feedings do not affect ur price. Our baby's are very TAME because we hand feed all our baby's for 6 weeks from the age of 1st week of age. The earlier the hand feeding the better. This assures better bonding, SWEET and plenty of TAMENESS. All our baby's are also DNA, Banded, Socialized and most importantly HEALTHY. Out breeders are of excellent quality producers. We have all colors of Quakers or Ringnecks during their breeding season and a few scrappers out of season. If we do not have it we will get it for u. If u want to u can pay us a small deposit and u will receive ur baby(s) at the earliest possible opportunity of availability. Buyer friendly payment plans available. Verify us thru Pay Pal and/or our excellent reveiws in . U will not regret buying from us ut Quaker baby's. — QUALITY!!!. We ship anywhere in the US for only $125. We ship only Mondays thru Thursday for the baby’s benefit. We accept payments by: Ach Bank Deposit, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, Personal or Business Check, Cashier Check, Money Order, Pay Pal ( buyers Pay Fees) and/or cash if picking up at sellers site at Miami-Florida... Pay Pal is a pain in the neck but if u select this method of payment we will accept ur payment decision. We have been respected as Pay Pal members for a a very long time. Call us about Buyer friendly payment plans. They are all also DNA, Banded, Socialized, Very Sweet / Tame and Health guaranteed upon acceptance and inspection of the baby(s) condition within the first 3 days from acceptance. We will work with u if u need time to pay. Just pay a small deposit thus we can hold ur baby(s) for a reasonable period. We will also be happy to work out a reasonable payment plan. No one else offers this. Buy 1 or buy 10 we have them. All DNA, Bandedl, Very Tame - hand feed from 2 weeks old and health guaranteed for 3 days after receiving the baby's. Refund only for serious illnesses. Please we prefer that u text or call Humberto at: 239 200 5090 Email: Miami / Florida Thank u and God bless all

We ship any where in the US for only $125. We ship quickly if u so required.

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H Luis

Miami, FL