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Breeder AB-Aviary
Round Rock, TX, US
Bird ID 141116
Price $3,500.00 N/A
Total Available 1
Sex M
Age Adult
Posted 7/30/2017

a beautiful Adult male Major Mitchell Cockatoo available. the bird is not tame. but has a great personality. He says what are you doing. With its soft-textured white and salmon-pink plumage and large, bright red and yellow crest, it is often described as the most beautiful of all cockatoos. Most cockatoo species love to chew. Make sure they have plenty of wood to chew on. They eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, and commercial pellets, as well as the same nutritional foods humans eat. we do ship for a extra 125.00 Contact Mary (512) 619-1909 make a offer reasonable.

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Round Rock, TX