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Breeder H Luis
Miami, FL, US
239 200 5090
Bird ID 139515
Price $750.00 N/A
Total Available 7
Age Weaned
Posted 6/26/2017

The above 6 reveiws are part of a total of 51+ Recent reviews from all our buyers in 2018. This is part of what sets us apart from other breeders. Find All reviews at: The Rare and Beautiful Blue CROSSOVER Quaker. VERY TAME and VERY SWEET. We hand feed ALL our baby’s for 5 to 6 straight weeks - 3 times per day; this why we Guarantee their Tameness These Baby’s are fully Tame, Banded for ID, Sex (DNA) $30 with certificates, Tameness and Health Guaranteed. Hen is presently sitting on 6 eggs. We will not ask for any payment(s) from u until u have received and approved the detailed and complete invoice invoice we will sent u!!!. Our Price: Male: $950. Female: $750. Nat’l Average: Male $1,300. Female: $950. Do not hesitate and lose ur preferred baby to another buyer. We are the only Avian Breeder that offers the following: with a 50% good faith deposit will guarantee u one of the first baby’s hatching per ur request of age, color, weaned or unweaned and DNA for sex determination. We ship anywhere in the US for only $150 plus a FREE shipping box valued at $50 cost to seller. Thank u so much God bless All. Humberto Please text or call 239 200 5090 Miami / Florida. 33165

We ship any where in the US for only $125. We ship quickly if u so required.

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H Luis

Miami, FL