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Breeder Brightwood Aviary
Dawsonville, GA, US
770 889-0353
Bird ID 137603
Price $400.00 Each
Total Available 3
Age Born
Posted 5/9/2017
Hatched 4/11/2017
Ready 6/24/2017

Three Gold cap babies now being hand-fed. These babies will be allowed to develop their flying skills and will be weaned onto a pelleted staple diet and natural fruits and veggies. Sexing add $25.00 , Shipping add $135.00. 770 . 889-0353 . Payment by US Postal Money Order, Pop Money, Bank check- Chase, BB&T, Wells Fargo

We usually ship with United Airline and generally the shipping fee is $135.00. This covers airfare, crate, and insurance. As the airport is on the other side of Atlanta from our home we avoid commuter days whenever possible.

Brightwood Aviary

Dawsonville, GA