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Breeder Jaen Breeders
Miami, FL, US
239 200 5090
Bird ID 134355
Price $275.00 N/A
Total Available 30
Age Weaned
Posted 2/10/2017

TAME --- TAME --- TAME - we guarantee it!!!. Our baby's are tamer because I am retired and have much more TIME than a normal breeder. This is my hobby thus I pass on your savings. I never have more than 30 Quakers at a time - breeders have many more; thus, I also never breed by quantities thus I can provide a lot more time and love for each Quaker baby not unlike breeders for profit. Result = a very very tame baby. A Quaker is not just another Quaker!!!. TAME - TAME - TAME - Many Blues ($275 each) and also rare : exotic Quaker Baby's of all colors. Call for wholesale pricing.!!! Note My Hands --- How TAME!!! Why so TAME??? Because we begin handfeeding from only 2 weeks of age --- 3 times per day. So much hand feeding leads to being very very tame. Our hard working of handfeeding for 5 weeks is not added to our low prices. Please respond to us ONLY by text or call not by this site which is very impractical for communicating. Our cell number is: 239 200 5090.!!! We deal financially only thru Pay Pal for the buyers peace of mine and Pay Pals guarantee of financial protection. Quakers of "ALL" colors and VERY TAME!!! Our Quakers are of top Quality and Health. We are a reputable and professional Quaker breeders and brokers. U can verify our business and reputation Thru Pay Pal. The email needed is : Pay Pal fees are paid by the seller. All our baby's are DNA with the labs certificate. We are verifiable thru Pay Pal by our email: If u want to reserve a baby or work out a payment plan we will work with u!!!... 1) Greens price is $250. 2) Blues price is $275. 3) Cinnamons price is $500. 4) Lutino and Albinos are priced differently according to sex. Males are priced at $600 each and Females priced $550. 5) Keylime (Paladinos) priced at $1,300, 6) Crossovers - white with light blue colors. Very valuable. Price $1,300 males and $800 females. 7) Cremino (light yellow with white). Males are $1,400 and females are $950. 8) Green Opaline both sexes $350.. 9) Blue Opaline both sexes $450. 10) Others upon request and availability, All deposits non refundable upon buyers default. We Prefer Call or text to Humberto Luis at 239 200 5090. This site is terrible for communicating. We ship any where in the US for only $125. Any photos, questions or concerns please contact us! Thank u very much. Humberto Luis 239 200 5090 God bless all!!!.

We ship any where in the US for only $125. We ship quickly if u so required.

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Jaen Breeders

Miami, FL