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Breeder Missy's Birds
Yuba City, CA, US
530 844-2165
Bird ID 132309
Price $375.00 Each
Total Available 2
Age Born
Posted 12/15/2016

.. Yellow Sided split Dilute and one Pineapple Turquoise available as of now. Rest on hold. The ys split ready end of December...The PT turn around Feb...... Weaned on Missy's Bird Mush, fresh veggies and Sprouts as well as a variety of fruits and quality Seed...... DNA needed to know the sex of the Turquoise. 25 Percent to hold with Avian Sales agreement. Have 2 avialible to hold until weaned. Ready about the first week of August estimate. Weaned on all kinds of fresh foods including Missy's bird Mush and Sprouts. Lots of love here at Missy's Bird's! Can ship but bird must be weaned 3 weeks and appropriate age.. they will fly before leaving and I do not stunt the well being and growth of my babies by clipping their wings too young. They will learn to take baths, fly and have full access to play everyday for the mental health of the bird.... Can view pictures on Facebook under Missy's Weaned on all kinds of fresh foods including my bird Mush receipe on my website and quality seed and Sprouts. 250.00 and up. Pretty much all ages, some ready soon. Ready now is 12 weeks old. Raised on lots of fresh foods.

Shipping available at buyers expense on Delta or United from Sacramento (SMF) Ca.

Missy's Birds

Yuba City, CA