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Breeder Royal Bird Company Avicultural Breeding Research Center
Lincolnton, NC, US
Bird ID 131509
Price $3,500.00 N/A
Total Available 1
Age Weaned
Posted 11/21/2016

This Bird has reserved, We have more coming not get left out next time....TRUE Red Variant Mutation African Grey By Royal Bird Company. For breeding Only...Do Not Get Scammed on the Internet, buy from long term facility, from Royal Bird Company, Come to our website and see the videos, 704-735-8601

We Ship To Most all airports within 48 cont USA. We use DELTA when possible, Shipping normally $175 with delta, we do not charge for shipping crates for babies. However we do charge when shipping Breeders $25.00
Full Health Guaranteed. All Babies are DNA screened for Chlamydia and DNA SEXED. ALL cockatoos screened for PBFD Each baby has certificates of lab work. We operate a closed facility and we purchase no birds for resale, only sell what we produce.

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Royal Bird Company Avicultural Breeding Resear

Lincolnton, NC