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Breeder Parrots Naturally
Woodland Hills, CA, US
818 708-7277
Bird ID 106297
Price $1,750.00 N/A
Total Available 2
Sex M
Age Born
Posted 9/8/2015
Hatched 5/15/2016
Ready 12/23/2016

Three Blue Throat Macaws from 2016 still available. Two were hatched in March and another single hatched in June. They are all currently weaning on a diet of Harrisons pellets and lots of vegetables and sprouts. Because of their rarity and endangered status we can only sell to California residents. They actually do line up in formation like this for feedings. Watch the hatching of our first BTM here. Call Judy at (818) 887-1233

Still investigating shipping options. Please call.

Parrots Naturally

Woodland Hills, CA