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Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Birds For Sale > Toucans and Touracos > Softbill Toucan > VA > Bird # 88791

Details for Bird ID# 88791
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Address Richmond , VA
Phone # 703 587-3982
Email brendavolaro@techemail.com

Brenda Birds
Bird ID 88791
Species Toucan
Status Adult
Price $15,000.00 Each
HatchDate 8/25/2014
Readydate 8/25/2014
PostedDate 8/17/2014 9:15:18 PM
Sex M
Band N/A
Quantity Available 1
Shipping We ship asap, as long as weather is good to insure your babies Saftey, thanks.........
Comments I have 2 very sweet male Toco Toucans for Sale, he is 2 years old and very sweet. hes FLAWLESS! He can be a little shy at first until he gets to know you, then he will warm up. Please always give your new Bird an adjustment period to adjust to you, the new home and new surroundings and family. He loves to play with his Toys. Loves brightly colored balls. This Beautiful guy has been hand fed and love me and my family.We are selling him to good home only, health Guaranteed we Ship

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8/25/2014 Adult
$15,000.00 Each I have two very sweet male T...
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