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Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Birds For Sale > Parakeets > Grass Scarlet Chested Splendid Parakeet > Bird # 82910

Details for Bird ID# 82910
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  Bird Details: 
Address Los Angeles, CA
Phone # (818) 378-6905
Email eds_aviaries@verizon.net

Ed's Aviaries
Bird ID 82910
Species Grass Scarlet Chested (Splendid) Parakeet
Status Weaned
Price N/A
HatchDate 5/8/2014
Readydate 10/1/2014
PostedDate 1/10/2014 12:49:39 AM
Sex N/A
Band N/A
Quantity Available 9
Shipping We ship anywhere in the United States.
Comments Normal scarlets split to blue and ino. Both males and females available.

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82910 Grass Scarlet Chested (Splendid) Parakeet
Ed's Aviaries
CA - We Ship
5/8/2014 Weaned
N/A Normal scarlets split to blue ...
76645 Grass Scarlet Chested (Splendid) Parakeet
Ed's Aviaries
CA - We Ship
8/14/2014 Weaned
N/A Grey Green Split Ino Male Scar...
47049 Grass Scarlet Chested (Splendid) Parakeet
Ed's Aviaries
CA - We Ship
11/7/2013 Adult
$1,500.00 Pair Lutino Spilt Blue Scarlets. Ma...