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Picture Of The Week

Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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The Bird Lady
Hideaway Tx
East of Dallas (off of I 20) , TX 75771

Ratings based on a total of 31 reviews

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Customer Name: Christine
Valley Village, CA
Highest praises on all levels! Great!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Christine....I'm so happy I could help you find your "Precious" bird. You know I'm always here if you need me. Deborah, 'The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: mike
Easy to deal with...our first time as bird owners...helped us out greatly..Any question we have ....quick to help us out....would go to her again!!!!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Mike. I'm happy we you guys have hit it off with your new feathered friend. I appreciate your kind words as well. Deborah, 'The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Ginger
Keene, Texas
We have only had our "Yo Yo" (Black Headed Caique) a week and I am truly amazed at how well adjusted and how sweet he is! My entire family is in love with this little guy. Deborah was truly amazing in raising the perfect bird. She sent video and pics of "Yo Yo" while he was being weaned. Thank you SO much Deborah!!!!

Breeder Reply:
Thank you so much Ginger. It was pure joy to raise your sweet little guy, "Yo Yo". He was so much fun I didn't even mind how long he took to wean. Stay in touch. You know I'm always available to give you a little bird advice if you ever need it now or in years to com. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: mandy
I highly recommend Deborah "the bird lady" if you are looking for a healthy, sweet, loving , sociable parrot. We got a white eared conure from her and she is such a little sweetheart....friendly and sweet natured, we could not be happier. She sent us pictures and kept us updated on our baby's progress and promptly answered any questions we had . Thank Deborah!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Mandy, It was fun raising your sweet little girl. What a power packed little darling. I know you're going to enjoy her for many many years to come. Thanks for choosing me to give your girl a great start. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Jaze909
Diamond Bar, California
I highly recommend Deborah "The Bird Lady". I just purchased a red factor sun conure from her and I was very happy and satisfied with the transaction and service. Very glad I bought the bird from her! Highly recommended! Thanks for the videos and pics Deborah!

Breeder Reply:
You are so welcome. I loved raising your sweet bird. I would love to see your bird in a year and then in two.I can't imagine the color getting more intense but I'm sure it will. You have one outstanding baby. BEAUTIFUL inside and out. I'm always available if you have any questions or need anything. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Tiffany
Buying our sweet bird was a wonderful experience! She helped us through the transition period with the bird and happily answered any questions!

Breeder Reply:
I'm so happy we found the perfect bird for you and your young daughter. You have an exceptionally sweet baby in Rebel. I'm always available to give a little advice when you need it. : ) Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: John F
Laguna Niguel, California
I replaced my lost Conure with a new Conure through Debra and my experience was great. I want another one because this newest one is so special. Great communication with Debra always. She does an excellent job at weaning and prepping your new bird to be ever so dearing and living. Thank you Deb.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much John, I enjoyed raising your sweet bird. I think she may have set a record for taking the longest to wean. LOL That's ok, good things sometimes take time. She is a precious bird and I'm so glad she is with you and your family. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Sarah
, Missouri
If anyone is looking for a great breeder, then I highly recommend Debra. I was looking for a friend for my sun conure and she made sure to answer all my questions about getting a second conure. She worked with me to pick out a sweet pineapple green cheek that has become best buddies with both myself and my sun. My little pineapple baby is very well socialized and I couldn't be happier.

Breeder Reply:
Sarah, I'm so happy your sweet pineapple baby has settled in so nicely. It's always a little tricky to bring in a second bird to your flock and you've done it, and done it well. I'm so happy you and your sun are both so pleased. You know I'm always here if you ever need me. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Ritchie
cut bank, MT
Very well behaved bird. Shipping was a nightmare, but it was the fault of the airline, and the breeder made things right even though the delays were not her fault. If I had room for another bird I would get it from the same breeder. Great experience overall.

Breeder Reply:
I'm so glad you are so pleased with your new feathered friend. You have a special bird! I'm SO sorry about the lateness of the airline. I'm going to tell everyone to check before they go pick up their bird from the airport from now on. Please stay in touch. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Sara
Burlington, VT
Deborah could not have been kinder or more helpful. Her birds are raised with love and well socialized. While we anxiously awaited its arrival, Deb kept us updated with pictures and videos. Our baby green cheek arrived after a long journey looking healthy and perky- munching on some kale! He is so lovable! Thank you so much for Sailor, Deb. and I know that if I have any questions or problems, I can call.

Breeder Reply:
Sailor was a sweetheart to raise and I'm so glad your daughter is hitting it off so well right from the start. Sailor's mother was the very first bird I ever raised and she is still tame for me to this day. Your bird, Sailor, looks and acts so much like our Nikki. Yes, please let me know if you ever need any help or advice. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Karmin Thomas
ferris, tx
We love our new addition to the family. Kammos came to us healthy and happy. Deborah was helpful and genuinely cares about her birds and who she sells to.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Karmin. You are kind to say so. It makes my job allot easier because of great homes like yours. I'm really glad you guys have bonded so well with Kammos and you know where to go if you ever need me. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Moises Villanueva
Fairfield, California
Mrs. Deborah is the best breeder you can have for any bird. The bird i received from her was so well raised.my Blue crown conure was healthy and very cuddly this shows that so much care was put into raising my bird that once i got her home she was begging to be petted and cuddled. You can be sure that any bird you get from Mrs.Deborah will the best investment you ever made int purchasing one of her sweet baby birds.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Moises for the kind words. It was my pleasure to raise y our sweet girl. She is a super bird and I'm so happy to know how well you two are hitting it off. Thanks for your patience through the weaning process. I'm not the fastest breeder at weaning birds but I do think their sweet dispositions are worth the wait. Let me know if you ever need a little advice. You know I'm always available. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Patricia
Ennis, Texas
She provided a beautiful baby parrot for us. Was there when we needed her to deliver and also held onto our baby while we were away awaiting the arrival of our parrot.

Breeder Reply:
I'm so glad you are doing well with your sweet new addition. You have a sweet parrot and I hope you have many many years of happy times together. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: JP
Our favorite "bird lady"! She's so wonderful with birds, and so sweet to do business with. She took such great care of our little Bonkers. He's the sweetest bird ever, thanks to the care that Deborah provided.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks for the great review. I love your Bonkers. Let me know if you ever need a little advice. I'm always just an email away. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Mindi
Arlington, TN
We had an awesome experience and we LOVE our new feathered family member! The Bird Lady takes excellent care of her birds. This could not have been a better experience for us!!! Thank you!!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Mindi. I'm so happy you guys ar so pleased with your feathered family member. You've got a great bird and I love that I played a part in bringing you together. Deborah, 'The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Paula
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Deborah has raised the most wonderful little bird for me. I described to her what I wanted, & she watched for it. She soon discovered which one of the clutch had the personality I wanted. She chose expertly for me. I'm convinced that this bird came to me through her. She sent me photos & a video throughout the development. I got to see my baby bird grow up! The working with her has been pure joy. I would definitely recommend Deborah, The Bird Lady, to anyone wanting to get another bird.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Paula. You are really kind. It was my pleasure raising your sweet girl. You did a great job describing the kind of bird you wanted. That made my job much easier. I'm always available to give a little birdie advise if you need it. Give sweet Malibu a kiss from me. I know she is happy to be home. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Abbey
, New Hampshire
Debora was absolutely wonderful to work with! She raises super sweet and beautiful birds!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Abbey. That means alot coming from you. I admire how well you care for your birds and am honored to do business with you. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: K
Deborah was a pleasure to do business with. She was very patient with me and always responded to my questions and emails. The bird i bought from her was healthy happy and very socialble. He even jumped off the vets table and onto the vet and she fell in love with him. He was accustomed to ppl and therefore not stressed out by ppl handleing him or anything new. He's been home with me for a week now and i couldnt imagine a better bird. Thanks Deborah!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much.... You just made my day. I do my best and I and my family truly love these birds. I couldn't be more pleased your so pleased. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Ivy
Deborah is a very sweet lady. I got my bird from her. She was very good at responding me back, keeping me updated about my bird. I love the her email about how to take care the bird after we take her home. This made everything much easier. Now my husband and I are very enjoy our baby bird.Thanks to Deborah.

Breeder Reply:
I'm so happy you are enjoying your sweet feathered friend. He is so full of personality. Thanks for the kind words. I love raising sweet birds and knowing they are going to good, caring homes like yours. Deborah,"The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Monica
We couldn't be happier with our new baby sun conure! She is such a sweet girl and getting even more affectionate with each passing day - it is obvious that she was raised with love :) Thank you!!!

Breeder Reply:
It makes me so happy that you're so pleased with your sweet girl. I feel great knowing she is with you and will be well cared for. Thanks for the great ratings. Great birds like yours make me look good. It was my pleasure to raise her. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Phil
Deborah provided good communication and plenty of pictures and videos for my very first bird. After getting my conure via air freight, she settled in perfectly. The vet visit later had us learn that not only was our vet impressed with our baby conure's demeanor and sweet disposition, but her body weight was perfect, with very good musculature . I will absolutely come back to Deborah for bird #2 and beyond!

Breeder Reply:
Phil, Raising your sweet bird was a complete joy for me. I look forward to raising another for you some day in the future. Thanks so much. You know I'm always here if you need a little bird advice. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Sherry
Kellyville, OK
We purchased a gorgeous sun conure. He is not only gorgeous but also super smart. He learned to step up in two days! Deborah has been amazing to answer all my silly questions. She is extremely knowledgable and a complete joy to work with. She is now watching her birds for our next little sweetheart.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Sherry. Yes, you do have a smart little guy. I could tell you all hit it off from the start. We'll be in touch soon concerning your next feathered friend. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Jennifer
Brownsboro, Texas
I have had my baby yellow sided green cheek, Ruby, for a couple of weeks now. She is precious! Deborah did a great job helping me chose the bird that would fit in with our family. I appreciate her passion for breeding/raising beautiful and well balanced pets. I would recommend her 100%!

Breeder Reply:
Jennifer, Thanks so much for the recommendation. I do love my birds. Some people ask me how I can bare to let my birds go, after I pour my love into them for months. It's because of people like you. People who care as deeply for the birds as I do but have a lot more time to devote to their one sweet "Ruby". I am thankful I could give Ruby a great start and I love her going to you where I know she'll have a wonderful life. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Kelley
Chesapeake, VA
Deborah raised a beautiful, very gentle quaker for me. She provided a lot of information on how to feed and care for the baby quaker. We could not be happier.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Kelley. You do have a super sweet baby. I can't believe how much she is already saying. She's a happy girl. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Karla
Debra, the Bird lady is extremely kind, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I was searching to find a Quaker Parrot for a birthday present for my husband. There were no breeders in my state and I found Debra on this web site. I read her reviews and called her. I received a beautiful healthy parrot in a clean cage. Flown by air cargo across half the United States. She is always there to answer any questions or concerns. I highly recommend her for any one looking for a bird. From a fellow Texan

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Karla, I appreciate the words of confidence. I'm happy your husband is pleased and I hope the bonding goes deep between them. Please stay in touch. I love to receive updates and am always happy to give advice. Deborah, 'The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Dinah Wilson-Reid
McKinney, Texas
I am very satisfied with my quaker parrot. S/he is healthy and well adjusted.

Breeder Reply:
I'm so glad your quaker is adjusting so well to your family. I wish I had ten more quakers just like yours. They are such fun babies to raise. Let me know if you ever need anything. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Char
Houston, tx
Deborah was nothing but a pleasure to work with. I have never ownded a bird before, only dog's, and let me just say what an amazing delight our new addition has been. Oiseau is our pineapple green cheek that we got off Deborah, and she sent me pictures and kept me update in her little life the moment she was born till I picked her up. I AM IN LOVE with this little bird, she is just amazing, super freindly, loves to cuddle, have naps on my neck, eat supper with us etc.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Char for the glowing review. I LOVE that you are IN LOVE with your sweet little Oiseau. Thats just wonderful and makes me so happy to know your so pleased. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Kathy
Hico, Texas
Deborah was the sweetest, kindest lady! She helped us choose the best new baby. She answered tons of questions before and after our baby arrived! I would recommend her to anyone wanting any type of bird. Our baby arrived safe and happy. We followed her instructions on bonding with the baby, and have had no issues at all. Baby flew in on Friday night, and Saturday morning took our baby to the vet. Perfect health. Waiting DNA results. Love you Deborah and thank you so very much!

Breeder Reply:
Kathy, Thanks for the great review. Great birds make me look good....and you've got a great bird. I'm so happy you guys have Jerri and I know you're going to have YEARS of happy times together. It really does bring me a lot of joy doing what I do. Pretty cool job. : ) Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: Stephanie
, FL
Thank you for our lil sun, it's such a loving baby. I would recommend The Bird Lady to anyone looking for a new feathered baby. She is extremely knowledgeable, and patient lol... With my husband and I. Best of all all her love for her birds shows, in the temperament of the bird. If ever we want another we'll return to Deborah thanks so much

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Stephanie, I appreciate the glowing review. I'm so glad you're hitting it off with your new sweet baby. I know your little one is in excellent hands and that sets my mind at ease. Keep in touch and don't hesitate to email me with questions or concerns. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: summer
havana, IL
my baby arrived tame and in perfect health. Deborah answered all my questions and kept in constant contact. I love my little baby! Thanks Deborah!

Breeder Reply:
Summer, I'm so happy you are bonding so well, so quickly with your sweet baby. Thanks for the updates and always feel free to ask any advice now or in the future. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"
Customer Name: jessica
Alvin, Tx
Deborah you are awesome! We are enjoying our baby! Kept us updated with pictures and video. Very informative. We will keep you updated on him. Thank you so much for our baby!!!

Breeder Reply:
Jessica, you are awesome! I love it when I know I can feel so good about the kind of home my birds are in. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I'm happy your pleased with your sweet Jenday Conure. Deborah, "The Bird Lady"