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Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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Something Cheeky

clayton, NC 27520

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Customer Name: Jeff
These are just genuine, caring people with a passion for breeding and raising birds. They literally spent hours on the phone talking to me. After learning the characteristics I was looking for, they recommended a Rose Crown Conure as an especially mellow, sweet, cuddly, quiet bird--and they were RIGHT!! No words can do this great species justice. Phil and Quiana took the time to introduce the species and helped me select the right individual bird--even though THAT proved a tough choice! A++
Customer Name: Michelle
Austin, TX
Phil is one of the best breeders out there for conures. He is honest, fair and truly cares about not only his birds but the welfare of the birds he sells. The green cheeks from his aviary have not only fantastic conformation and beauty but have the personality to match.
Customer Name: Jessie
I love my little Pearly Conure. She is snuggly and active. Says "baby!" which is really cute. She picks up tricks pretty fast when I do work with her. She basically figured spin, wave, recall, and dunking a wiffle ball from watching the Meyers. She likes to go out with my Meyers on short walks/trips. She wrestles hands. Great little parrot and perfect addition to the family for many years. This breeder has a great program. She arrived very social and consumes pellets/veggies.
Customer Name: Rachel
I got my little pineapple green cheek back in December and I simply adore her! She is such a sweetheart and has such a great personality! Thank you guys so much!
Customer Name: Trisha
, Iowa
I got a turquoise green cheek last winter and she was so friendly after the flight to Iowa. Athena is such a sweetie and she loves to greet everyone that comes over. Thanks Something Cheeky for a wonderful bird!
Customer Name: Jim and Leann
Scottsdale, AZ
Phil and Quiana were very helpful, communicative, reliable and honest. We were impressed with the incredible amount of expertise they had about so many types of birds. Our little White-Eared Conure has been a healthy, lively, happy, well-adjusted little guy. We look forward to adding another Cheeky bird to our flock.
Customer Name: Debbie
Burlington, NC
I highly recommend Something Cheeky. I've gotten 3 birds from them and couldn't be happier. They were very tame and adjusted to my home with ease. They also had no problem getting along with each other and are truly BFFs. These breeders are very conscientious and know their stuff. They will also help you after the sale whenever you ask. Very nice, professional people. I am so happy that I found them =)
Customer Name: Jess
Charlotte, NC
Phil & Quiana are very kind people who clearly care very much about their birds, and they're quick to offer help and advice. I bought a crimson-bellied conure from them last year; he's stunningly gorgeous, healthy, and has an adorable personality. My only issue is that he was not taught to step onto a finger; he was very afraid of hands when I got him and now, a year later, is still difficult to handle because of this. We love him, though, and are working with him.
Customer Name: Eric&Jean
Cincinnati, Ohio
We have purchased several birds from Phil at Something Cheeky. We have been extremely satisfied with his knowledge, variety of quality representatives of species, willingness to share information, and his integrity. We definitely will return to Something Cheeky for future bird purchases.
Customer Name: Sally
, ID
I just picked up 2 amazing pairs of greencheek conures from Something Cheeky. They are gorgeous birds and as described. I would definitely do business with them again! Thanks Quiana and Phil!!
Customer Name: Karrie Perea
Denver, Colorado
I bought a BEAUTIFUL Rose Crown conure from Quiana and Phil. They are so nice and answered all my questions. They sell very sweet, tame and socialized birds. I HIGHLY recommend you buy their babies!!!!!! The baby bird I have is Beautiful, sweet, and healthy. They are so knowledgable about all birds they breed and if you are looking for a amazing bird go through them! Thank you Quiana and Phil for our sweet loving baby bird! Something cheeky is awesome!!!!!
Customer Name: Steven
Wendell, NC
Picked up a beautiful boy last night. Very Gentle and sweet. It was fun just talking the Phil and his wife. Their children were great too. Thx
Customer Name: Stephanie
Morgantown, WV
My husband and I just purchased a turquoise Green Cheek conure from Something Cheeky. We LOVE her! She is a very sweet, and gentle baby. From day one speaking to Quiana on the phone, I knew that We would be getting our bird from her. They are very knowledgeable about the birds they breed, and answered any questions I had. I am very happy with my experience with this breeder, and highly recommend them! Thank you so much for our sweet little girl! We will keep you posted on your Facebook page!
Customer Name: Heather
Phil and Quiana are friendly and knowledgeable people that care a lot about their birds. I purchased a beautiful turquoise green cheek from them. He is healthy, sweet and very tame. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Customer Name: Meredith
Beaufort, NC
Love my pineapple conure already!