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Picture Of The Week

Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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EMR Exotic Bird Breeder
 Verified Breeder

San Diego, CA 92024
(Cell) 858-442-5061

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Customer Name: Ramiro
Riverside, CA
My brother and I drove up to pick up a Indian Ringneck Pair. We were so impressed with how she takes care of all her birds. It was very understandable that shes not constantly on her cell.She tends to each one, and feeds them all top of the line food. I admire her love and passion for her birds. She takes much pride in what she does, and is open to any questions/concerns you have.My Violet IRN pair r beautiful, and very well taken care of. I will be doing business again. Thank you Eve!

Breeder Reply:
Ramiro.. it was nice meeting you and your brother. Thank you for your kind words. I know the Violet IRN's have a good home that will take good care of them....!
Customer Name: Natalia
Eva is a real pro. The birds I received were exactly what I ordered. They are in perfect health. I got them on time. I am extremely pleased with my purchasing experience.

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Natalia-Melanie. it was my pleasure doing business with you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!
Customer Name: Janna
Eve is wonderful! The extent that this women goes to PREPARE THE FOOD these birds consume amazes me. When I visited her aviaries to pick-up my baby, everyone one of her birds looked healthy & beautiful. Thanks Ava!

Breeder Reply:
Janna, thank you for your kind words.
Customer Name: William
San Francisco , CA
Eva is such a warm and kind individual.. She hand fed and nurtured my newly hatched African Grey so that when I picked her up, the bird was so tame and took to me immediately.. What a gift Eva has and this is the best and sweetest bird that I have ever had....and to think that I have only had this bird for five days
Customer Name: Joe
Millersport, Ohio
I would do business with EMR again.
Customer Name: Jeff
Franklin, MO
Fantastic experience! You are buying from a true bird lover and her birds come first! Very evident when my 5 arrived, expertly crated and safe in great condition. Eva always responds in a timely manner. She does not sit on a computer all day but takes an active role in her passion so realize that if you don't get an instant answer she's tending to the needs of a living creature that you may someday own. Highly recommend her program and it is a privilege to own birds from her aviary!

Breeder Reply:
Many thanks for your kind words. I am glad the baby lorikeet is giving you lots of fun. Thank you
Customer Name: Jordan Berber
Atwater , CA
Eva was very kind, as well as helpful. I purchased a pair of birds from her, had them shipped and recieved them in good health. Eva responded to any questions I had, and stayed with me all the way until I received my birds safely. I would purchase from her again in the future.
Customer Name: james
eva delivered my rock pebbler in excellent shape and transaction went smooth
Customer Name: Michael
Hard to get a hold of, however, birds are lovely. thanks EVA!!!
Customer Name: Andreia
We went to San Diego to pick up a BW Pionus from this breeder. It was a total pleassure doing business with and you can tell she totally loves all her birds and take wonderful care of them. Even though the BW was listed as a breeder bird, he is a really sweet bird and we already have him stepping up and almost dancing for us when we spend time with him. I would and plan to do business with her again in the future.