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Small breeder Located in Strongsville Ohio we hand raise and socialize our babies in a family setting. Our babies are a member of our family until they become a member of yours. Our Flock consists of around 80 Breeder Cockatiels and 2 African Grey's, 2 Quakers, 6 Parrotlets, 5 Senegal's 4 canaries 1 Macaw and of course the babies looking for a good forever home. All our birds are family pets even the breeders . Everyone gets out everyday to play and socialize! We are one BIG Happy Family

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Sharon Collins


Strongsville, OH 44136

Bourke Parakeet, Celestial (Pacific) Parrotlet, Meyers Poicephalus, Senegal Poicephalus, Canary, Cockatiel

Daisy Mae was our very first Bird. She is the one that gave us Parrot Fever! She is incredibily special and has changed our lives forever. I had no idea how she would change my life when I brought her home from a garage sale no less! Six years ago she taught me more about love and friendship than I learned in the last 50 put together!
Bubba is the Partriarch of the Flock Many of our babies are his children or grandchildren
Jackie O got her name because she is so elegant! The absolute Perfect Mother She is Bubba's Better Half!
Duke our Male Congo African Grey. He is aRed Factor as you can see by the red cast to his flight feathers. Nicknamed Grumpy because of his attitude! Talks all the time. Mostly sits on top of his cage and screams Help Help Let me out!
Gidget is Duke's Better Half. She is a sweet and loving as he is grumpy! We are hoping to have Duke and Gidget babies soon. so far no luck.
Alex affectionately known as "Big Dog" delights in telling everyone else to SHUT UP. As if the rest of us didn;t really mind HIS noise! He is a beautiful Harlequin Macaw that decided on this day the cockatiel play station looked like fun!
Tinkerbelle is my first, very spoiled, Parrottlet baby. She free flies around and chases the poor cockatiels . thinks she is a cockatiel.
Desi & Peach are 2 of my beautiful canaries. I could listen to beautiful Desi sing all day long.