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Breeder Susan's Canaries
Charles Town, WV, US
Bird ID 39932
Price $125.00 Each
Total Available 16
Sex M
Age Adult
Posted 10/13/2010
Hatched 3/25/2017
Ready 9/14/2017

Fife male Clear and ticked Yellows $125. Clear white males $125.00 Contact for pricing and shipping information. All 2017 and singing. Also a limited number of beautiful fawn and fawn variegated hens 100.00 each. 2016 yellow or white males used in my breeding program 100.00 each. 2016 Blue and white variegated or yellow and green variegated or green or blue males 75.00 each

Shipping is on a case by case basis, speak to me for more details.

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Susan's Canaries

Charles Town, WV