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Breeder H Luis
Miami, FL, US
239 200 5090
Bird ID 168849
Price $775.00 Each
Total Available 11
Age Born
Posted 5/16/2018

The top baby photo is a resemblance of the size of our babys batches as of a week ago.. not the present actual batch. We are NOT SCAMMERS. See / read our 57+ (And growing) very happy customers in 2018 at: U pick how u want to pay: Pay Pal - Bank Wire, Bank Electronic - Checks Cashiers, Money Order, Postal Service Money Order, Personal, No Business Checks and our “favorite” Western Union because it’s safe for both buyer and seller and it’s like cash to the seller. But as I said u pick payment method...! Top photo is one of the pairs of Caique Breeders. The photo of the Caique Baby’s are one of the batches that has very recently hatched. I am a Real Avian Breeder and Real Avian Broker who offers wholesale Avians prices to the public. I live in Miami and the breeder / owner of 15 pairs of White Bellie Caiques Baby’s lives in SW Florida. We have an agreement that we will sell all of the breeders Caique baby’s from her 15 pairs. Thus I came up with a very good plan to wholesale the Caique Baby’s price of $775 for serious buyers; and in addition we also offer, hand feeding for the buyer(s) up to 8 weeks until fully weaned. NO ONE does or offers this - it is crazy to commit to this offer but we will commit and be successful. I do not buy a baby for a buyer that is not serious because my risk, investment and my breeder commitment is substantial. A buyers seriousness is shown by depositing a good faith deposit of $500. We cannot have our funds invested in a Baby and have the buyer say “we do not want the Caique Baby anymore”. It’s happened before. Again. we are NOT SCAMMERS we are wholesale breeders and Avian Brokers for the general public. Again please Read our 57+ excellent recent of (2018) buyer reviews. U will feel comfortable buying ur pet Caique from me. Read all at: We do offer shipping to anywhere in the US for only $150 plus we provide the buyer a free shipping box. I hope we can sell u a Newly Born Caique(s). Thank u God Bless Humberto Luis Miami / Florida

We ship any where in the US for only $125. We ship quickly if u so required.

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H Luis

Miami, FL